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These presentations have been developed to discuss and offer legal and practical solutions to the 4 biggest challenges of modern dental practice for staying "on course" through one's professional journey in dentistry. Boyd W. Shepherd has 20+ years of experience and expertise in working in these areas with his dental professional clients.

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Entrance Strategies for New Dentists. 

  • In this session, we look at the employment concerns of practice owners who are looking to hire another dentist for the first time, for practice owners who are already current employers of dentists, as well as for dentists who are looking to become employees, including the different strategies that new and established dentists can utilize in their pursuit of meaningful employment relationships.

Exit Strategies for Established Dentists.

  • In this session, we look at the different ways and processes that dentists who are ready to sell their practice and/or retire can successfully make the exit in a meaningful and profitable way, as well as the concerns and strategies for dentists who are looking to purchase an established dental practice.

Navigating the Turbulence of a State Board Complaint.

  • In this session, we guide you through the process of a dental board complaint, beginning with the initial treatment, and a detailed coverage of the proper way to respond to and navigate the investigation and the legal process that ensue afterward.

Navigating the Standard of Care for Dental Treatment.

  • In this session, we go into detail about the standard of care concept in the law, it's history, it application in modern statutes, and how to best manage your risks with respect to the standard of care.